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MICELLAR WATER: lotion specially designed for a proper makeup removal and deep cleansing of the skin. Thanks to its micellar structure, it covers and isolates the fat and impurities of the skin to allow their complete removal.

DEGREASING LOTION: degreasing solution with oxygenating and light exfoliating action.

YELLOW PEEL is a chemical peeling specially designed to apply exclusively to the area of pigmented skin that we intend to treat. It has an intense clarifying and depigmenting effect.

GLYCOLIC PEEL 70% is a chemical peel indicated in ageing skins with age spots or melasma. It improves fine lines and clarifies and reduces skin pigmentation.

LIGHTENING PEEL: great depigmenting effect, melanogenesis inhibitor and skin brightening effect. Exfoliating, keratolytic, regenerating. For body use in intimate areas, armpits, elbows, knees, groins and friction areas.

XTRA LIGHTENING vials act decreasing melanin synthesis, therefore reducing skin pigmentation, age spots and freckles. It provides a clearing illuminating effect, does not mattify the skin. It has skin depigmenting and homogenizing effect and helps skin recover its vitality, luminosity and transparency.

XTRA LIGHTENING serum is an intensive depigmenting and clarifying serum of topic use. It is based on active principles of vegetal origin mixed together with biomimetic peptides.

XTRA LIGHTENING cream is a depigmenting cream for daily use indicated for the treatment of age spots, dyschromias of hormonal or pregnancy origin, skin ageing or sun exposure excess.


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