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VelaShape III

VelaShape III with Guided Mode - Top-performing Solution, Now Better Than Ever

VelaShape® III provides a highly effective solution for comfortable, non-invasive, body contouring for a wide range of patients and treatment areas.

Cellulite and circumference reduction treatments with VelaShape III entail zero downtime and little or no discomfort. Short treatment sessions and outstanding results, from as little as a single session, mean high productivity and revenues for your clinic, and high satisfaction for your patients.

Now, VelaShape III with Guided Mode offers an enhanced treatment experience – for both patients and operators.

The advanced software simplifies operation and minimizes technique sensitivity, further improving comfort level. The result: even more reliable and effective treatments, every time.

Enjoy easier, more reliable, patient-centric operation with new Guided Mode software and advanced system design:

Standardized treatment guidance – Minimizes operator dependency and allows safe delegation to operators. 

Step-by-step guided process – Eliminates the need to count pulses and navigate, increases motivation, reduces user fatigue, and improves the operator experience. 

Versatile system – Operator chooses between foot pedal or hand trigger operation, Guided Mode or Free Style; choice of 4 applicator covers. 

Compact, ergonomic design – Award-winning device fits in any treatment room; operator can sit or stand during treatment.

Superior Efficacy

Improve outcomes for body contouring, circumference reduction, cellulite improvement, and skin tightening

Profitable Business Driver

Grow your business with shorter treatment times and fewer sessions

Enhanced User Experience

Enjoy easier, more reliable, patient-centric operation with new Guided Mode software and advanced system design

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