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VECTRA WB360 Whole Body Imaging System | Canfield Scientific

VECTRA® WB360 Whole Body Imaging System

Designed primarily for dermatology, the VECTRA® WB360 simultaneously captures the entire exposed skin surface using 46 stereo vision pods, producing a single high-resolution 3D image. The WB360 utilizes a combination of polarized and non-polarized lighting, and the Canfield-designed custom lighting modules use proprietary xenon flash technology tuned for capturing skin surface images. The innovative design enables unprecedented simplicity and standardization of patient photography, eliminates the need for skilled medical photographers, and delivers tremendous patient benefit by reducing the photographic time to take both polarized and non-polarized captures to less than a second. Applications include reviewing skin conditions such as psoriasis, vitiligo, CTCL, and neurofibromatosis, and for burn management, lymphedema management, and plastic and reconstructive surgery. The system is scalable and offered in two configurations. The VECTRA WB180 creates a front-of-the-body image and then a back-of-the-body image, providing full body visualization for clinical review.

DermaGraphix® is the perfect solution for 2D and 3D total body photography. With an image dashboard that organizes both close-up and overview images for optimal review and assessment, DermaGraphix provides easy lesion tracking with side-by-side comparison of overview and dermoscopic images captured with the wireless VEOS DS3 or the high resolution VEOS SLR dermatoscope. The DermaGraphix Viewer, the secure, easy-to-use self-examination tool, encourages patients to check for changes between office visits.

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