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Urgo Medical » UrgoStart


UrgoStart is the only wound dressing with demonstrated superiority in wound healing speed:UrgoStart heals wounds twice as fast as a neutral absorbent dressing (1) Soft adherent foam dressing with TLC-NOSF Accelerating healing while generating savings nudgex2 Heals twice as fast as a neutral dressing(1) and avoids wounds becoming longstanding Is cost-effective Improves patients’ quality of life (1) COMPOSITION UrgoStart is a soft-adherent foam dressing with TLC-NOSF, comprised of: A soft-adherent TLC-NOSF layer combined with an absorbent polyurethane foam pad, A vapour permeable outer film. urgostart-composition-3 Mode of Action TLC (Technology Lipido-Colloid) combined with NOSF (Nano-Oligo Saccharide Factor) is a patented innovative technology which in contact with wound exudate forms a gel and creates a moist environment enabling the key cells involved in the repair process (fibroblasts, keratinocyrtes, macrophages) to exert their action. TLC-NOSF interacts with the wound micro-environment of the wound by preventing the detrimental effect of Matrix Metallo Proteases (MMPs) which in excess in chronic wounds creates a continuous degradation of the extra-cellular matrix. TLC-NOSF restores balance in the wound bed so granulation of chronic wounds can occur. UrgoStart thereby promotes faster wound healing.

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