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Therma D.A.S. radiofrequency intralifting & plasma device

Therma D.A.S. radiofrequency intralifting & plasma device

The revolutionary medical device for total rejuvenation of the face. Therma D.A.S. combines plasma technology and endo-regulated radiofrequency in one portable device for effective and safe skin rejuvenation.

Therma D.A.S. features two functions:

  • Endo D.A.S., radiofrequency intralifting, provides effective lifting effect of the face and neck without surgery and downtime. The treatment is painless and patients can return to normal life immediately after.
  • D.A.S. Pro Plasma is the most powerful plasma device with unique frequency modulation feature, allowing for safe treatments on darker skin types and sensitive skin.

Endo D.A.S. and D.A.S. ProPlasma work together to give your patients the best aesthetic results!

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