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The TEOXANE Approach : a 4th dimension to facial aesthetics




The world of aesthetic medicine flourishing with innovation and advances and patients are demanding more natural results. With this in mind, TEOXANE recognises that during the patient assessment process it is crucial not only to consider patient anatomy but to also take into account the dynamic movements of the face. This in turn will result in more natural looking results both with expression and at rest.

The TEOXANE Approach was developed to allow physicians to get optimised results based on the following principles :

Anatomical considerations: In-depth anatomical knowledge. Deep & static fat pads vs superficial & movable fat pads

Facial Expression Analysis: A thorough review and assessment of the dynamic movements of the face

Injection Technique: Ensure the correct injection technique is used in the right facial compartments making sure that its placement allows it to follow the natural movements of the face

Product: The right hyaluronic acid filler should be used based on the specific rheological profile of the product.


TEOXANE offers you a range of award-winning hyaluronic acid gels, designed to treat different layers of the face and allows practitioners to combine the right depth, with the right technique and the right product. This gives practitioners the flexibility to offer their patients a tailored solution to optimise natural and dynamic results,1,2 both with expression and at rest.



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