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Vivacy STYLAGE® Lidocaïne "Special Comfort" Range: S, M, Special Lips, L, XL

STYLAGE® Lidocaïne "Special Comfort" Range: S, M, Special Lips, L and XL.

  • The unique range to incorporate both an anaesthetic (lidocaine) and an antioxidant (mannitol) in its cross-linked HA gel
  • For making injections less painful and improving the patient’s comfort during the procedure.

STYLAGE® Lidocaine is a range of cross-linked hyaluronic acid dermal fillers which incorporates both a local anaesthetic (lidocaine 0,3%) and an antioxidant mannitol. This innovative formula has been developed to improve the patient’s comfort at the moment of the injection process and to facilitate the procedure for the practitioner.
The performance of the STYLAGE® “Special Comfort” range with Lidocaine is the same as that of the products without Lidocaine (Môle B, Gozlan L. – “Benefits of adding lidocaïne to a hyaluronic Gel – STYLAGE® M” – J. Cosm and laser therapy – 2011 Oct – 13(5): 249-254.).

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