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SoftFil® Precision Micro-cannulas

The SoftFil® Precision range of micro-cannulae is based on high technology manufacturing, and matches the needs of demanding users.

It has been conceived with a combination of details which greatly facilitate precise procedures.

Just try and enjoy main innovations:

  • centimetric graduation along the stainless steel tube for a symmetrical depth of injection,
  • surface treatment to allow a perfect sliding into skin,
  • extra-large internal caliber to reduce injection pressure,
  • red dot on hub indicating location of side orifice for a precise injection.

And of course, these new features of the Precision range come in addition to all the advantages of the SoftFil® Classic line of micro-cannulas.

17 different sizes carefully designed to match all needs.

Sold in a box of 20 sterile kits. Each kit contains
a cannula and a sharp needle.


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