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SoftFil® EasyGuide

Experience a new way of safe injections

Discover now the new international patent pending SoftFil® EasyGuide, a revolution in cannula injections as a new step in your expertise.

With its distinctive unique V shape, SoftFil® EasyGuide proposes a perfect prehension zone, with additional stability. This “pilote needle” combines the gesture of creating a pre-hole (insertion point) and injecting with the micro-cannula.
It allows to gently guide the cannula into the adapted injection level via its open axis while being in smooth contact with the patient’s skin.

The SoftFil® EasyGuide innovation

  • New V shape for an easy and precise use,
  • Ideal for fast, safe and successful injections,
  • Highly distinctive design for optimal aseptic conditions,
  • Unique surface treatment to minimize traumatism, hematoma or oedema.
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