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Soft Touch

Soft Touch

The new generation of Shock Waves

Soft Touch is the new technology of shock waves created by ITS Group to treat flaws caused by cellulite and the effect of orange peel skin: a new radial shock waves system that concentrates energy in a defined area in the same way as for focused areas, taking advantage of all the possible benefits.

We have devised a new electromagnetic generator, thus avoiding all the energy dispersion problems of traditional compressed air systems. An unprecedented emission technology of 5 cm2 to transfer an impressive quantum of energy, that works in conjunction with a vacuum system by reducing undesired traction waves and ensuring excellent treatment tolerability for the customer.

The vacuum system controlled by advanced management software allows the acoustic wave to only be confined in fatty tissue, concentrating energy only where it is needed for the purposes of the results. By combining the vacuum with shock waves, we stimulate 3 times more tissue volume than conventional systems.

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