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MICELLAR WATER: lotion specially designed for a proper makeup removal and deep cleansing of the skin. Thanks to its micellar structure, it covers and isolates the fat and impurities of the skin to allow their complete removal.

DEGREASING LOTION: degreasing solution with oxygenating and light exfoliating action.

MANDELIC PEEL is a chemical peel indicated in flaccid skin. Tightening effect - anti-flaccidity and flabbiness. Firming, moisturising, revitalising.

XTRA SKIN FIRMING vials acts stimulating cell proliferation and the synthesis of MECs (extracellular matrix). Favours the regeneration of fibres (collagen and elastin), hyaluronic acid and proteoglycans and restores skin’s aged aspect, flaccidity, inelasticity and tone, restoring its smoothness and firmness.

XTRA SKIN FIRMING cream is a firming cream with regenerating and tightening effects. This nutritive and soft cream of rich texture that brings back skin’s natural density and elasticity, while helping to restore its firmness, smoothness and tight appearance.

BASIC DMAE: immediate lifting action and long-term firming effects. Great ant-flaccidity effect.


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