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The Scar Kit

The Scar Kit

Introducing The Scar Kit by Doctor Olivier Amar

The Scar Kit, developed by aesthetics company Intraline, features a revolutionary new type of cannula, designed by Mr. Olivier Amar. This cannula gently treats both the cause and appearance of depressed scars. Indented scars have fibrous tissue that develops under the injury, tethering the skin to underlying tissue and pulling it downwards. Mr. Olivier Amar’s GTI Cannula, developed in partnership with biomedical company Sterimedix, is blunt-ended to protect delicate tissue but can gently cut through the fibrotic strands. This process allows the previously tethered scar to spring upwards and at the same time, stimulates collagen production. As the cannula is withdrawn, a tiny amount of hyaluronic filler is deposited precisely into any remaining indentation. The superficial skin defect can immediately look significantly improved.

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