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Rinnova Plus Frax radio frequency

Rinnova Plus Frax radio frequency

Monopolar bipolar, fractionated radio frequency, for extraordinary results that lasts over time

Forget the machinery for radio frequency you have always worked with: from today with Rinnova Plus Frax you can finally have the most powerful and effective monopolar bipolar, fractionated radiofrequency than ever at your disposal.

The idea underlying our work is the same as always: create equipment for non-invasive beauty treatments that are powerful and functional giving you the certainty of results of the highest level and stable over time. That is what we have done with Rinnova Plus Frax. The Rinnova Plus Frax radio frequency is simply the most advanced fractionated emission system in a revolutionary technology for the treatment of skin laxity of the face and body.

The most effective technology because it lets you combine different modes of treatment into a single apparatus: monopolar to treat the deep dermal with 2 different frequencies, bipolar for an immediate lifting effect and fractionated to lift cheekbones, smooth out wrinkles and redesign the oval of the face. Unique power and performance, for results that leave their mark!

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