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Stay longer, Stay Active and Stay Spectacular

Revolutionary Dermal Filler
Long-lasting Peptide Complex Filler
Clinically Proven Safety


Cross-linked Filler: 23mg/ml, 1ml prefilled syringe
REVOFIL Fine : Soft Touch Filler
REVOFIL Plus : Sub Touch Filler
REVOFIL Ultra : Deep Touch Filler

Non-Cross-linked Filler: 15mg/ml, 2ml prefilled syringe
REVOFIL Aquashine : Skin Rejuvenating, Anti-wrinkle
REVOFIL AquashineBR : Skin Rejuvenating, Anti-Pigmentation
REVOFIL Aquashine BTXTM : Skin Rejuvenation, Anti-wrinkle, Anti-Pigmentation

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