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Recell Ice

Recell Ice provides cryo-anesthesia with its Cryo system, enables to do faster fractional micro needle treatment.

Cryo system saves time as it does not need applying and waiting time for anesthesia cream, and provides instant treatment with cryo-anesthesia.
Fractional Micro Needle RF Technology is non-surgical treatment using needles. It is effective for face lifting, wrinkle improvement and scar revision.  Fractional RF applies energy to dermis directly, provides skin tightening , collagen and elastin regeneration effect.


A . Fractional micro needle RF 

RF needle which is penetrated into the skin will release bi-polar energy to dermal layer and help to regenerate collagen and elastin.

Needling, the invasive physical treatment, is effective for acne scar revision. Precise depth controlling enables the most suitable treatment to diverse skin conditions.

B . Cryo

Temparature sensor which is installed in hand piece will keep the set temperature, the lowest temperature it provides is -10 ℃.
There are 1~3 level for Cryo levels, it can be used for diverse customer. Cryo system provides cryo-anesthesia which enables instant treatment. Also, it delivers the comfortable feeling to the patients.

C . 5” Touch Screen

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