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QT Fill (HA Filler)

First, it’s very safe. It has Hyaluronic Acid approved by EDQM. Its endotoxin figure is way less than standard.

Second, BDDE residue is notably lower than KFDA standard.

Third, we have 4 types of fillers; you can choose our products according to customers purpose or appropriate part of the body.

Fourth, long-lasting duration; high viscoelasticity allows to maintain good volume for a long duration.


- AQ: It will help replenish your skin moisture, make pores tighten (3 months)

- FINE: It will straighten your wrinkle (3~6 months)

- DEEP: It will help straighten your wrinkle and volumizing (6~12months)

- SUB Q: Volumizing, contouring (Over 1 year)

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