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The Dermastir Heating Exfoliating Pre-op mask is a facial monodose scrub mask with a special heating and cleansing action. The heating effect of the Dermastir Pre-op mask stimulates the cells by an occlusive action while opening the pores. The scrubbing action of the mask removes and cleanser the accumulation of dead cells on the skin. The Dermastir Pre-op mask performs an effective drainage of the impurities with its profound purifying action. 

  • Pre-op product
  • Transforms the dull and dirty skin into bright and clean skin
  • Triple action – heating, scrub, purifying
  • Used as a first step in treatments for its purifying and cleaning action
  • Drainage of impurities is visibly seen
  • Excellent results in removing dead cells thanks to the gentle exfoliation and heating effect
  • Effective when applied both with hands or with mechanical brushes
  • Cranberry bioflavonoids – antioxidant and antiseptic
  • Gentle exfoliation – micronized cranberries
  • Zeolite – skin detox and unclogging pores 
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