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Plasma Exeresis technology has been conceived and developed by GMV, a company with over 10-year experience in plasma technology and holding the Plexr trademark, the first plasma device in medical aesthetics all over the world, internationally patented
The methodology/technique of use is constantly assisted by scientific research and clinical studies, in ltaly and Worldwide, collaborating with top KOLs and prestigious Universities.

The plasma generation is similar to a micro lightning bolt that acts directly only on the epidermis. Before sublimating, the corneocytes transmit a selective estimated quantity of energy that reaches the right deepness of dermis, without irradiation (laser/light) or electric shock (radioscalpel/current). No any form of energy is delivered directly from the device to the deeper tissue, no eddy currents are generated.

The intended use of Plexr involves many medical disciplines as dermatology, aesthetic medicine, oculoplastic surgery, dentistry, gynaecology. Applications: removal of benign growths and elastic retraction.

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