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Treatment based on salicylic acid, mandelic acid and Pyruvic acid that promotes a slight cell turnover, also suitable for young skin or at least those who have oily skin and coarse texture.

The salicylic acid  is well tolerated by all skin types and all ethnic groups, after several minutes the peel can induce an anesthetic effect thereby increasing tolerance by the patient.

The Pyruvic acid  (CH3-CO-COOH) and 'an alpha ketoacid to three carbon atoms, has always been considered a discrete power acid, which makes it more' potent than glycolic and salicylic but less aggressive than trichloroacetic. And 'it occurs naturally in fermented fruit, apple vinegar.

The mandelic acid  and 'particularly active in the repair and reactivation of aged skin, has inherent antibiotic properties and therefore do not prove effective in acne cystic inflammatory.

The mix of these three acids allows for excellent results without major problems of heartburn or inflammation.

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