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PALPump™ – EZ Pump tubing compatible

The PALPump is a quiet, efficient, vibration free peristaltic pump. The control knob allows you to select from 0 to 1000ml per minute flow rate. Large-bore tubing (Softube) can be easily mounted with the push of a lever that will lift the quick load head.  The PALPump has dual pneumatic foot-pedal capability, a three roller peristaltic head; a safety lever and additional power connector for a TMD (Tumescent Measuring Device). The PALPump can be mounted on the LS2 or the PAL console cover.

The pump is available in either or latching or non-latching operation. Latching is press foot-pedal and remove turns on, press foot-pedal and remove turns off. Non-latching is press foot-pedal turns on, remove foot from foot-pedal turns off.

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