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MICELLAR WATER: lotion specially designed for a proper makeup removal and deep cleansing of the skin. Thanks to its micellar structure, it covers and isolates the fat and impurities of the skin to allow their complete removal.

DEGREASING LOTION: degreasing solution with oxygenating and light exfoliating action.

SAMA PEEL is a chemical peel composed of salicylic and mandelic acid. Salicylic acid has a high keratolytic power and regulates sebaceous secretion. The bactericidal effect of mandelic acid is recommended for oily skin, with enlarged pores, pimples and acne.

AZELAIC PEEL is a chemical peel indicated for oily and acne skins. Anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic, comedolytic, germicide, exfoliating, mattifying and fungicide properties.

XTRA SKIN REPAIN vials progressively reduces the appearance caused by environmental damages or acne scars, enlarged pores and imperfections of mixed skin with seborrheic excess.

XTRA SKIN REPAIR serum is a lightweight and non-greasy formulation of silky texture, highly hydrating serum that regulates sebaceous secretion.

XTRA SKIN REPAIR cream is a regenerating cream with great hydration power and silky texture. Smooths and repairs the skin from damages caused by environmental effects and acne background. Reduces acne scars and homogenises skin appearance, minimising shiny areas, enlarged pores and imperfections. Evens and stops oil secretion.

BASIC ORGANIC SILICON: organic silicon is a structural element of the connective tissue, and is, at the same time, part of macromolecules such elastin, collagen, proteoglycans and structural glycoproteins.


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