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novatox NOVATOX is a high dosage anti-aging preparation made of hyaluronic acid with a comprehensive combination of active agents for reduction of symptoms of aging and to support all biological processes in the skin. Overview Novatox Anti-Aging Serum Visible wrinkle reducing effect without injection against dry skin folds, aging wrinkles and mimic folds Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 reduces mimic folds and leads to relaxation of the facial mimic areas Acmella Oleracea has an additional impact on mimical contractions. Phytoestrogenes are isolated from various plants (Soy, Redclover, Iris). They take over the part of carrier agents which stimulate fibroblasts for a biological production of Elastin, Collagen and Hyaluron. Tripeptide-1 is a biosynthetical produced Peptide which stimulates the production of Collagen III fibres. Collagen III structures Collagen I within the dermis. The dermis is tightened and lifted by Tripeptide-1. triple active preparation relaxes, hydrates, lifts the skin complemantary treatment to improve dermal filler effects

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