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Noble Shape

There are multiple types of obesity. Different patterns of obesity development depend on individuals’ diet habit, body shape, and genetic factors.  Desired body line cannot be attained through a simple diet plan for weight loss.  In particular, for cellulite resulting from irregular skin network that is overly formed, a simple reduction plan of caloric intake does not work. To comply such shortcomings, NobleShape is developed to address multiple types of obesity.



  • LLD + AMF + RF
  • Obesity management using multiple functions​
  • There is a pad clip and band, so you can use it as handy.

B . GUI Display

  • Various treatment programs can be applied.

C . 4 Channels and 8 Pads

  • Various sizes of PAD
  • Use of various parts

D . Automatic temperature sensor

  • Automatically turns off at abnormal temperatures

E . Cart for Noble Shape only

  • Can store components

F . No Downtime

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