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NMF TONIC | Innoaesthetics


NMF TONIC INNO-DERMA-NMF-TOINIC A highly moisturising and invigorating tonic that regulates skin homeostasis. Indications MOISTURISING TONICITY Active Principles Sodium · Magnesium · Zinc and Manganese PCA · Lactic Acid · Enteromorpha compressa Nees Algae Extract Indications Use as a revitalising tonic in the morning before any other treatment and throughout the day on the face, neck and body to refresh and moisturise the skin as needed. Mechanism of Action It is the perfect combination of osmoregulators to maintain skin homeostasis and NMF components that “awaken” and moisturise your skin. Minimum duration of treatment: 6 months Recommended use: PRE/POST Treatment Presentation: 200ml

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