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Modeling, electrical procedures use Gel

Modeling, electrical procedures use Gel

This gel contains a unique pronalen-anticellulite complex (ruscus, guarana, lemon extracts, iodized hydrolyzate of corn protein). Iodized extensin has alipolytic effect, cytisus extract reduces swelling, guarana extract (containing caffeine) activates blood microcirculation, and lemon extract regulates cell permeability. Additionally, to improve electrical conductivity, the gel contains salts, making it perfect for all types of electrical procedures. Regular application of the gel significantly reduces the weight and body size, removes the toxins from the system, and improves the metabolic processes not just in the treated area, but in the whole body as well.

Active ingredients: pronalen-anticellulite complex, fucus, plankton and green tea extracts
Usage: myostimulation, lymphatic drainage, ultrasound therapy, wrapping
Shelf life: 3 years
Bottles: 200 ml, 500 ml, 1l
Is EU and Halal certified.

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