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Med 400 physiotherapy - Brera Medical

Med 400 physiotherapy

Imperium MED 400 - It belongs to the Imperium line, a family of highly technological devices for physiotherapy treatments in medicine, through the emission of energy flows (radiofrequency) of high intensity (400 watts) that develop endogenous heat. It is characterized by a technology uncommon in its kind, covered by patents of uniqueness, which summarizes through its high power and the possibility of modulating the electromagnetic flux in intensity and frequency, enlarging the fields and methods of therapeutic indication. This equipment comes from a choice of an intelligent energy able to give a definite therapeutic effect, having been designed to activate, accelerate and amplify the intra- and extracellular effects in the human tissue freeing them from dysfunctional and pathological conditions. The characteristic of this device is the wide range of applications thanks also to its large number of accessories that integrate it, encouraging the application of diathermy energy or painful, dysfunctional and dystrophic conditions: Endogenus Thermotherapy (diatermy), by energy transfered inside the tissues in capacitive and/or resistive mode. Striated and smooth muscle contraction (patented), combined or not with the action of thermotherapy Mechanical vibration in combination (infrasound).

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