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MAAX Shape

Balance your weight with MAAX Shape 

MAAX Shape is a combination of products to support your diet plan and weight loss throughout the day. MAAX Shape supports you gently in loosing weight and improving your intestine and colon health.

The products in this set are carefully chosen and harmonized with one another to support a balanced weight loss. They take into account the daily rhythm of the metabolism during the diet and prevent possible negative influences.

MAAX Shape consists of 3 products:

  1. MAAX Slim in the morning helps you to activate your metabolism and fat burning right at the beginning of the day.
  2. MAAX Redux at lunch time reduces your hunger, keeps your blood suger levels low (for better fat burning) and improves bowel functionality.
  3. MAAX Trace in the evening harmonizes your acid-base balance for prolonged fat burning and adds probiotics for supporting your bacterial gut flora.

Supports your diet plan for 30 days.

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