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LUXEFACE is the world’s first technique of non-surgical skin rejuvenation for face using absorbable threads. Developed in 2010 by Dr. Dorina Donici, it became the single concept in the aesthetic field based on scientific studies.

During only four years, LUXEFACE showed a spectacular performance: it created a unique concept consisting of three steps of treatment, it launched a large range of threads - PDO, PCL, PLLA - and it provide trainings worldwide monthly. The aim of our concept is to provide a high quality range of products at a competitive price starting with a base line up to a luxury line.

LUXEFACE method is also conceived for all skin types - from dry flabby skin to pigmented, acneic or heavy skin.

With a three step treatment - Rejuvenation (1), Lifting (2) and Volumizing (3) - LUXEFACE not only gave a totally new concept, but also presented for the first time in the world the ligature technique that became a boom in the aesthetic field.

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