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Aesthetic Group - Medical devices products

Large range of Medical Devices - Micro cannulas, Needles, All kind of cannulas and more...

Micro Cannula, Needles, Lipofilling Kit, Lipo-Microliposculpture, Liposuction, Single Use Klein, Lipo Sculpture, Tube, Compression garments, Infiltration Gun, Lipolysis, Cryolipolysis & single use Cannula for Fat Harvesting, Fat transfer, Fat Injection or for Otoplasty (new), Reusable Fat collector Canister (single use canister coming soon) & Fat treatment accessories.

1ml Syringes, Caps, Connector for Gel/Fat transfer.

Skin Roller, Skin Maker, Laser/IPL & LED protection.

Punch, Curette for dermatology.


New Mesotherapy Guns, Mesotherapy Needles, Mesotherapy Catheter, Carboxytherapy Kit.


HA Hydro-Mask & Bio Cell Mask to moisturize / to soften & to soothe the skin.

Resorblift : Resorbable Threads & threads Needles implantation.

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