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Inverse Ultrasonic Osmosis - Osmolipo

Inverse Ultrasonic Osmosis - Osmolipo

From cavitation to Inverse Ultrasound Osmosis: deposits of adipose tissue are doomed

Traditional cavitation has evolved into Inverse Ultrasound Osmosis, today the most effective and safest technology to treat deposits of adipose tissue, the result of constant research and development by our scientific laboratory. The ITS Group engineers have worked together with researchers from international universities, to create a new machine, even more effective in the treatment of deposits of adipose tissue.

Osmolipo is the result of joint research between private industry and university laboratories, in the field of non-invasive technologies to treat body flaws which has produced a great result: The most effective and technologically advanced solution to date for the treatment of deposits of adipose tissue, finally also available to professional aesthetics.

Osmolipo is the only apparatus in the world able to employ the effects of reverse osmosis to significantly reduce localised adiposity by remodelling contours.

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