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Medical Laser - Cosmetic Lasers - Aesthetic Laser Equipment from jeisys


Why INTRAcel PRO™ Real-Time Impedance Checking System Impedance level may vary in each patients and targeted area. INTRAcel PRO™ monopolar technology enables you to irradiate the substantially equal energy on the treatment area by ‘Real-Time Impedance matching System.’ Therefore, the clinical efficacy would be more consistent and reliable. Benefits of INTRAcel PRO™ Melasma Treatment. It has much less chance of getting rebound. Specialized Parameter for the freckles and flushing will be provided to secure safety. No need to worry about skin type, same parameter is to be used upon skin condition, not type. RF Selective Thermolysis is using different conductivity of each cell area Less pain with new 16 Pin Non-Insulated Micro-Needle Tip What is RF Selective Thermolysis? When Pulsed RF is used to the tissue, RF Selective Thermolysis is to be happen, due to the different conductivity of each area. Therefore, even though same amount of currency is used, different reaction is expected. When certain Pulsed RF is used, it will not effect to the collagen in dermis, but it will effect to vascular endothelial cell and basement membrane zone. Since it will only effect cells around vessels, clinically anti-angiogenetic effect is to be happen, proven by animal test.

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