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Infinite-Thread - left profile - 60yo - neck and face


Infinite-Thread® brings you the 1st real facelift with suspension thread.

It is a permanent suspension thread with notches, created to treat effectively and longlastingly the sagging of the face and neck. It is 100% made in France.

Infinite-Thread® is made of polyester, overmolded with medical grade silicone. This combination of materials allows to combine the strength of polyester with the flexibility of the medical grade silicone. Those materials are the reference for permanent suspension threads since 2008 and has never been subjected to any sign of inflammation nor allergy. Plus histology shows minimal fibrosis reaction.

Infinite-Thread® has 4 notches, molded every 1,5 millimeters, which means more than 800 notches on its entire length. The patented design of its notches allows impressive results while keeping very gentle for the patient subcutaneous tissues. It is made to be effective even for advanced ptosis.

Infinite-Thread® is only used by certified practitioners having benefited from our high end 1-to-1 training. This is a guaranty of satisfaction for the practitionerand his patient.

Infinite-Thread® is absolutely reversible. Its removal is always possible, easily, without time limit, without residue left in the organism and especially without sequelae.

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