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Ialugen Promiss

  • iALUGEN® PROMISS, based on hyaluronic acid, consists of 4 references (Volume, Intense, Global and Soft) to fit the needs of patients. Each box contains 1 ml of cross-linked hyaluronic acid with BDDE plus 0.3% of lidocaine, as well as a 27 ½ G needle.
  • Due to its Highly Micronized Density technology (H.M.D.), iALUGEN® PROMISS’s hyaluronic acid has superior viscoelastic properties and a high level of cross-linking, which enables it to resist degradation and offer better elasticity for a long-lasting filling. This innovative process of micronization was developed for optimized particularization. The highly cross-linked HA concentrated in fine particles allows an easier, more flexible and better controlled injection of the filler.