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HYALAX HA MOISTURIZING MASK is a highly active, moisturizing and regenerating face and neck mask.

Thanks to a balanced and carefully selected composition, the mask has an intensive moisturizing and soothing effect.

Active repair complexes of the mask contribute to the normalization of tissue trophism, skin density and elasticity recovery. 

The hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid’s disaccharides penetrating deep into the tissue, stimulate fibroblasts, restoring the balance of collagen and elastin. This contributes to the skin tone and elasticity recovery and removing of surface and deep wrinkles.
HYALAX HA MOISTURIZING MASK is recommended for the post-tratment period after aggressive procedures (injection, laser therapy, chemical peelings).

The mask can be used for professional and home care, for powerful skin moisturizing, wrinkles removing, skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenating. 

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