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Safe and effective treatment is ensured through the combinations of specific electric pulses contained in each of the programs:

medium frequency pulses having a short width enable a treatment of deeper seated target tissues;

the highest lipolytic effect is achieved at the frequency of 3 Hz;

circulation is significantly improved at the frequency of 4000 Hz and changing polarity;

rhythmic contraction of the muscles provided by the program 5 enables a natural drainage of vein blood and lymph fluid;

due to a special modulation of the pulses the risk of side effects (burns) in iontophoresis program is reduced to a minimum;

stimulation is patient-friendly and completely painless.


The electrical muscle stimulator GREEN FORMER has been especially designed for the use in cosmetics. The user-friendly device incorporating six programs represents a golden standard in anti-cellulite and muscle-toning treatments:

Anti-cellulite program for treatment of cellulite stages III and IV (micro and macro lobules)

Anti-cellulite program for treatment of cellulite stages I and II (with lymphedema)

Reduction of fat layers with lipolysis

Muscle and skin toning including vein and lymph drainage

Lymph drainage

MF iontophoresis

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