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GENOSYS roller & power solution


Most of cosmetic ingredients are wasted on the surface of skin due to the protective function of skin barrier and the big molecular size of ingredients. To solve this problem, DTS MG developed the best microneedling roller system that generates micro channels through which the cosmetic ingredients can penetrate into skin while stimulating natural collagen induction. And to optimize the skin care effect, GENOSYS POWER SOLUTIONS were formulated. GENOSYS POWER SOLUTION can be used with GENOSYS roller and can be chosen among 6 types according to the skin problem and the purpose of the treatment; POWER SOLUTION AWS (Anti-wrinkle), POWER SOLUTION SWS (Depigmentation), POWER SOLUTION CVS (Skin nourishiment), POWER SOLUTION CTS (Scar treatment), POWER SOLUTION PCS (Anti-blemishes) and POWER SOLUTION HES (Hydrating, Soothing). GENOSYS POWER SOLUTION pursues skin-friendly formulation not containing harmful additives considering the fact the ingredients can be penetrated deep into skin through microneedling. For this reason, it does not include paraben, ethanol, artificial fragrance, artificial pigment and artificial surfactant that can irritate skin.