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Foto Finder Bodystudio

Foto Finder Bodystudio

State-of-the-art technology for Total Body Mapping and dermoscopy Simple, delegable, profitable – comprehensive skin cancer screening with FotoFinder!

The FotoFinder bodystudio offers you all of the following: standardized systematic full body documentation, manually or with the ATBM® procedure Fully integrated dermoscopy for epiluminescent documentation of nevi Bodyscan helps to identify new and changed moles Moleanalyzer with malignancy score developed by the University of Tübingen Department of Dermatology.


The "Ugly duckling“ is not always visible at a glance

Recent studies show that 71% of all melanomas do not develop from existing nevi, but develop de novo on healthy skin. In order to diagnose these as early as possible, complete prevention must include not only individual moles but the entire skin through an intelligent combination of automated whole body photography and video dermoscopy. 

This "two-step method of digital follow-up" is the most advanced method for monitoring the skin and is used by opinion leaders worldwide with FotoFinder.


Foto Finder Bodyscan New and changed lesions at a glance

The Bodyscan ATBM has redefined the comparison of baseline and follow-up images. The fully automatic, integrated expert system helps to detect changed and new lesions. The results are immediately available and can be shown or hidden with a click.

In this way, the Bodyscan helps you to identify malignant changes as well as “de novo” melanomas at the earliest possible stage.

For double safety in skin cancer prevention!

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