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FORZA MMS 600 – one of the most advanced automated Micro-Needling beauty accessory available on the market. Dermaqual offers a calibrated high speed, wireless motor with an adjustable micro-needle length for precise usage. Utilizing Uniform Motion Technology, FORZA MMS 600 operates on the superficial skin layers using disposable needle cartridges to uphold the highest level of sanitary standards. The beauty appliance ensures a painless and efficient process, creating thousands of microchannels in moments. Specially designed for professional meso micro-needling and dermabrasion use. It consists of various micro-needle modes that stimulate the skin to absorb beauty products as active ingredients included in applied cosmetics and mesotherapy formulas. Its robust performance and high hygiene standard perfectly meet the practice of professional such as dermatologist, aestheticians and beauticians.



FORZA MMS 600 guarantees proper dermabrasion of epidermis. It permits the transmission of meso- micro-ingredients into the profound levels of the skin. As a result, it enhances rejuvenation effect without epidermal damage. The automatic Uniform vibrating motion technology reduces pain and discomfort.


No cross-contamination (disposable micro-needles).

Shorter treatment time.

Adjustable micro-needles.

No sensation of pain involved.

User-friendly, wireless.

Accurate pixel shots with uniform motions all across.

Easy to use and no side effects.

Automatic gentle speed roll.

The depth of micro-needle can be adjusted.


Various micro-needle modes to stimulate the skin for absorbing beauty meso and cosmetic formulas.

The absorbency of skin can be reach above 40 times.

The skin will be luster and elasticity, differ from laser or chemical substances.

Greatly improves the treatment.

Skin rejuvenation.

Fine line reduction.

Flawless complexion: pimple , pores refine treatment.

Enhance/ nutrition skin treatment.

Administration of Meso- active ingredients.



Topical mesotherapy treatments, application of active ingredients

Rejuvenating treatments

Dermabrasion, exfoliating, cleansing treatments

Soothing treatment, pimples, pores refining

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