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FORZA MMS 007 Micro-needling Auto Fusion Delivery System


FORZA MMS 007 is the latest-technology, CE-mark-certified, automated, meso microneedling auto-fusion device, designed to achieve the absorption of active ingredients, skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation, acne scar healing, elimination of wrinkles and fine lines, minimization of pore size, elimination of stretch marks, treatment of alopecia, and more. It stimulates cell regeneration function, activates the skin repairing process, and enhances the condition of the skin for smooth effect and elasticity.

It is equipped with 5 speeds and adjustable cartridge needle length, and it works wirelessly or with a power cord. The biggest advantage of the device is the auto-fusion system, which provides constant application of the active ingredients in one shot. The innovative injector, which is different from mesotherapy guns that use needles, employs a microchip with multiple pins to deliver nutrition and essentials to the skin, reaching the subcutaneous layer under high pressure from the pistol.

FORZA MMS 007 maintains continuous pressure in the syringe, allowing control button to economize the excess waist of meso-solutions and improving the results of classical mesotherapy treatments. The pressure from the bottom of the needle cartridge works like a very small dermo-jet, and in this way, multiple micro-injections are released without damaging the cutaneous. The micro needles are used to penetrate the skin, open the pores of the epidermal layer, and inject the active nutrition ingredients. This repairs aging skin and restores collagen levels, removes wrinkles and spots, improves skin complexion, and lifts the face.

The product penetrates the skin at a nanometer level, opening the skin for absorption of tiny particles of water. The fine needles working at high speed penetrate the barrier layer of the skin at each square millimeter, opening millions of channels without destroying the skin’s epidermis. The continued delivery of nutrient solution effectively stimulates collagen production, ensuring the maximum effect of cell regeneration.

The nano-needle system introduces nutrition products deeply into the skin levels, providing an immediate moisturizing effect. In the last stage, the patient observes tightened skin and even improved complexion as a result of the skin renewal. FORZA MMS 007 therapy stimulates the skin to accelerate the metabolism, intensifying natural skin regeneration over time. The process is painless and takes up to 5 minutes, with no bruising and no scratching. FORZA MMS 007 is made by Dermaqual especially for use by dermatologists, aesthetic specialists, and beauticians.

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