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EVANTHIA 25 - Superior

Evanthia The filler is composed of crosslinked hyaluronic acid with cross-linking agent BDDE which has longer bonds compared crosslinking agent DVS: this feature allows to have a greater viscoelasticity, high malleability, ideal for the redefinition of the facial contours. 
And 'therefore ideal for use in nasogeniene wrinkles, wrinkles and marionette lips. 
The filler is able to bind to lots of water molecules, with the result that it is possible to fill in wrinkles in a totally natural way without distortions whatsoever.
In any case, it must always be remembered that, in the case of absorbable filler, the same is maintained within the dermis for a time that goes to the maximum from 8 to 12 months, after which is completely reabsorbed, fading consequently also what is the effect aesthetic obtained. 
Precisely for its particularity, hyaluronic acid lends itself to fill wrinkles, folds, grooves or, finally, to increase the volume of the lips, of the cheekbones or chin.

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