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The EVA SP6® allows not only a quantitative nutational infrasonic infiltration, but also a nutational infrasonic liposculpture.

Manufactured for a safe liposculpture respecting the non-fatty tissues.

The EVA SP6® is a complete system :

  • The quantitative infiltration system allows control of the total volume infiltrated.
  • The n.i.l. technique ensures an homogeneous infiltration with a constant pressure, whatever the fat density.
  • Compatible with lipofilling material n.l.f. System®1 & 2
  • The evasp® 6 system is entirely digitalized.
  • In compliance with the European standards - CE marking

What are the advantages of the EVA SP6® ?

  • Preservation of non-fatty tissues
  • Shorter operative time and post-operative recovery
  •  Easier and more precise work › Better access to difficult and delicate areas (back, fibrous zones...)
  • Less traumatising (fewer hematomas and major reduction of ecchymosis and oedemas) and less painful for the patient
  • Constant, deep, homogeneous and controlled infiltration, whatever the type of fat, even fibrous
  • Infrasonic frequency (< 25 Hz) confortable for the patient

The EVA SP6® includes :

  • Lipomatic® / evamatic®
  • Digitalized control box
  • Quantitative infiltration system
  • High-speed aspirator
  • Complete set of cannulas
  • Accessories
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