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EPIGEN 180 URBAN DAY CREAM SPF20 | Innoaesthetics


EPIGEN 180 URBAN DAY CREAM SPF20 Epigen-180-urban-day-cream A protective shield in the form of a light and ultra-rich formula with the power to transform the appearance of your skin. Indications ANTI-AGEING FREE RADICALS PREVENTION MOISTURISING RESTRUCTURING SOLAR PROTECTION Active Principles Epigenetic Actives Blend · Galactoarabinan · Sodium Carrageenan · Biosaccharide Gum-4 · Tremella Fuciformis Extract · Hexapeptide Fe-III · Exclusive Peptide Comple x Indications Daily facial care. Dry skin. Mechanism of Action Its power to totally transform the skin comes from its perfect blend of mid- to long-term epigenetic activity which effectively regulates the largest amount of genes directly involved in the biological process of ageing, its intensely regenerating hydration with long-lasting results and its powerful, immediate anti-ageing action. It provides protection against free radicals, oxidation, pollution and solar radiation. Application Technique Gently massage a small amount onto the skin in the morning directly after the EPIGEN 180 ANTIOX serum. Minimum duration of treatment: 6 months Recommended use: PRE/POST Treatment Presentation: 50g

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