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Elma RF — radiofrequency therapy

Elma RF - radiofrequency therapy for all type skin. 

For procedure uses the end-point with thin isolated needles on which ends there is no isolation is used. During an impulse there is a heating and coagulation of protein cells. 

The result depends on fraction base: after perforation of the skin, in the deep skin layer makes the coagulation points under ends of needles. They makes tightening of collagen fibrous tissue and stimulate the skin process for rejuvenation. 

After impulse makes reduction of old collagen fibers (brief lifting), what stimulates the produce of new young collagen (post procedure lifting). 


  1. Thin isolated micro needles 
  2. Heating of the tissue in the target zone only on 50-75c only
  3. The denaturation is controlled only on the tip of the needles
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