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Diode Laser for hair removal - Stardust Med

Diode Laser for hair removal - Stardust Med

The definitive diode laser 808 | 755 | 1064 nm: even more powerful, safe and effective

It has just arrived and already all professionals in aesthetic medicine are calling for it: finally you too can have the new Stardust Med Diode Laser in your practice, the most advanced apparatus for progressively definitive depilation, completely painless and suitable for all skin types.

The most performing laser equipment ever: it seemed impossible to improve an already perfect technology, but we did it.

The new Stardust Med, the most advanced Diode Laser, houses – under its body with the unmistakable Made in Italy design – an innovative technology that finally manages to bring together the most powerful laser emitting diode consistent with the innovative double cooling system with copper and gold microchannels.

With Stardust Med, epilation treatments achieve never before seen performance. We have combined 808 nm of laser power in a single stack of diodes, the performance of the 755 nm Alexandrite and the efficiency of the 1064 nm Nd:Yag laser. In this way, you can solve the most complex epilation cases with unprecedented performance.

Added to these is the exclusive sapphire crystal which, due to its extreme purity eliminates unwanted light refractions guaranteeing maximum precision for the highest level treatment. Its cooling up to -5 ̊C in contact with skin ensures epilation sessions in maximum comfort.

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