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Dermapen Inject™ Skin Needling | DermapenWorld

Dermapen Inject™ Skin Needling

Dermapen Inject™ is the new benchmark for peak precision, featuring up to 300 injections per minute, ease and speed of operation, multiple applications and treatments, as well as unlimited aesthetic applications. The Advantages: Safety Dermapen Inject is a unique multi-drug delivery system with 7 patents, designed with patient safety in mind. Pain-Free Exclusive vacuum system means pain-free treatments and 0% drug loss. Shorten Operating Time Easy operation and fast procedural time will make a difference for your practice, and for your patients. Various Applications Effortlessly delivers active solutions like local anesthetic, botulinum toxin type A dermal fillers, platelet rich plasma and mesotherapy preparations. Treatments Perfect for treating skin ageing, alopecia, fat liquification, hyperhydrosis and unlimited aesthetic applications.

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