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DAS medical plasma device for aesthetic and dermatological treatments of benign lesions and for localized skin laxity treatment (non surgical blepharoplasty)DAS medical plasma: device made in Italy for safe and effective aesthetic and dermatological treatments

D.A.S. medical

Dermo Ablation Surgery or D.A.S medical is an innovative device, designed and manufactured in Italy. It generates a plasma effect for effective and safe treatments of the skin. D.A.S. medical is handy and portable, and it is of great advantage in dermatology, aesthetic medicine and surgery.

This non-invasive device treats benign dermo-aesthetic lesions, rejuvenating the skin: ▪ benign skin lesions such as dermal nevus, xanthelasma, viral warts, keratosis, ruby angiomas, lentigo and fibroma pendulans; ▪ aesthetic treatments to rejuvenate the eyelid and reduced the appearance of perioral and periocular wrinkles, peeling. For a complete list of treatments visit our website


  • Versatile
  • Effective
  • Safe
  • Easy to use
  • Non-invasive
  • Fast
  • High return on investment
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