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CollaPen Professional Micro Needling Pen Device | NovaCutis

CollaPen Professional Micro Needling Pen Device

COLLAPEN professional micro needling pen device The unique Collagen Induction Pen CollaPen is a micro needling device. This simple and effective procedure uses fine needles to stimulate your skin to promote and produce collagen. The procedure helps diminish wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks while improving skin texture and as well as signs of aging. The Collagen Induction Pen CollaPen was designed and developed by our highly experienced team of Doctors and R&D Engineers. This unique device provides the outmost safety with a state of the art micro-needling technology for a very safe treatment experience and minimal downtime for patient. CollaPen Micro needling Pen Advantages & Benefits • Cordless device • Disposable needles • 5 Speeds • Adjustable needles depth • Less pain • Easy to use and transport • No side effects CollaPen What does CollaPen do on the skin? collapen arrow Diminishes Fine Lines, Acne Scares, Dry Skin Congestion and Textural Irregularities. collapen arrow Polishes and refines the surface of the skin for instant gratification and glow. collapen arrow Stimulates circulation, increases superficial collagen production and refines skin texture. collapen arrow Slight swelling immediately after treatment, the physician typically applies various solutions such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C in to ensure skin hydration based on skin type.

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