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Medical Luxe CELUQUE is created from the masterpiece peptide material, which is able to maintain your youth by suppressing and delaying the induction of aging factors, thereby promoting anti-aging and tissue regeneration.


A new concept of 2nd skin protector that restores skin barrier damaged by ultraviolet rays and protects skin from harmful environment.  When extremely small particulate matter is absorbed into the skin, it produces reactive oxygen species in mitochondria that reduce collagen synthesis and increase its degradation instead, leading to a wrinkle-like skin aging. Thus, antipollution protects the skin and prevents skin aging. With UVA and B blocking, regeneration, PIH prevention and DNA protection, UV rays are completely blocked to protect the sensitive skin perfectly and help to recover and improve the UV rays damaged skin. 



A hypoallergenic sunscreen formulated with peptides and inorganic UV filters to block UVA and UVB, protecting the skin from the sun.


A triple-action original cover cream to protect skin from external stress, brighten the complexion, and reduce wrinkles.


A foundation infused with caviar and adenosine complex to brighten skin, reduce wrinkles, and make skin tone even with the perfect coverage for skin blemishes.

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