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Medical Luxe CELUQUE is created from the masterpiece peptide material, which is able to maintain your youth by suppressing and delaying the induction of aging factors, thereby promoting anti-aging and tissue regeneration. 

It is important to maintaining skin barrier. Water retention is a key to healthy skin, which hyaluronic acid and lipid can be helpful. Hyaluronic acid keeps the moisture of the stratum corneum and fills the space around the skin cells to maintain hydration and its elasticity. It also prevents lipid components from evaporating, thereby maintaining a sufficient level of hydration and an optimal skin condition.


An all-in-one oil infused with tamanu oil, squalene, and caviar oil to hydrate skin deeply smooth its texture, brighten the complexion, and strengthen the skin barrier.


A highly concentrated HA serum formulated with five different molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid to provide long-lasting hydration, strengthen the skin barrier, as well as peptides to improve skin elasticity.

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