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Medical Luxe CELUQUE is created from the masterpiece peptide material, which is able to maintain your youth by suppressing and delaying the induction of aging factors, thereby promoting anti-aging and tissue regeneration. 

A regenerative agent in damaged tissue is combined with Volufiline to promote proliferation of collagen cells (fibroblasts). The Peptide complex promotes recovery of capillaries in wound areas and synthesis of fibronectin. It is effective in preventing aging, removing wrinkles, improving skin elasticity, improving light scars, healing wounds, and improving skin tone.



An anti-wrinkle and brightening activator infused with the complex of Volufiline and peptides to protect and fill up the skin with lipids.


An anti-wrinkle and brightening ampoule infused with low-molecular peptides and Volufiline to increase the core elasticity of skin for a bright and radiant complexion.


An anti-wrinkle and brightening cream formulated with highly concentrated Volufiline to strengthen the skin structure and brighten up the complexion.


An anti-wrinkle and brightening eye cream infused with Volufiline to prevent dehydration around the eyes.

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